Stories of Father Paul
Greetings and welcome to This web site is dedicated to the memory of Father Paul Blighton, his life, his teachings, the groups he founded and the many people who were touched in some way by this truly magnificent being.

Initially this will be a site in which, those who wish, can share with the world, stories of experiences they had with Father Paul. These can be everyday stories and remembrances, personal memories of Father Paul, third party accounts or even fantastic tales of transformation and spiritual experience.

In the days to come you will find a page with a form in which you can write and submit stories or remembrances in text form, upload graphic files and submit suggestions to our web designers. Naturally you can add your own name, your own personal story, perhaps a brief explanation of your relationship to Father Paul, the Science of Man or Holy Order of MANS groups, that he founded. Or you can remain totally anonymous, just as you wish. We will check over any submissions, then post them accordingly to this site.

As we continue to expand and enlarge this site you will find extensive links to other sites that are in some way related to Father Paul. These are sites that feature his teachings in either a written or recorded form, pictures, on-line forums and discussion groups involving his former students and even groups that have in some way been founded by the friends and students of Father Paul, in recent years. Please bear with us as we are just beginning this site. It is now rather crude and rough, but we will endeavor to improve and create a truly beautifully designed site in honor of our beloved Father Paul. For the moment you can contact us via the following email: .

One of the initial purposes of this site is to collect stories of this great master and teacher from those who knew him, before these are forgotten or lost. It has been now, over 28 years since Father Paul passed on and we wish to preserve a record of his life….one that perhaps will lead to a printed book, a published work on the life of Father Paul, as recounted by the many thousands of people who knew him or were in some profound way affected by his presence.
Father Paul (Dr. Earl W. Blighton)
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