Let this be anonymous, as I do not want to be seen as boasting in any way.

Transformative Experience

During the first three days as a novice in Father's order, I spent these days in the chapel, wearing a brown robe, and seeking the light. The food given was pure and nourishing. I spent days reading a French historical book about Mary. I still have that book. On the third day, I just sort of gave up, and laid down on the carpet. I fell into a half-sleep, and then I saw two people coming towards me (on the other side). They came in through a door. One was a woman, the other a man. The woman stood beside me and the man was so full of firey light and he directed the light towards me. I was completely washed in that light for a while (time unknown). I felt ablaze with brilliant white light, and when someone came up later to see how I was doing, all he could do was stare at me and saw that I had been transformed. Later, I understood the couple to be Father Paul and Mother Ruth.

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