Guard Duty

Being in San Francisco for priest training all of us had to share in
the responsibilities of protecting the houses. This was shortly after the
house at 910 Steiner had been bombed with a maltov cocktail. A guard was
posted at each house with strict instructions to look at the ID of each
person entering the house.

It was a weekend evening and I was doing my guard duties at 20 Steiner.
Father Paul and another Master Teacher approached the house. Of course I
knew both of them by sight but I also had very specific instructions about
letting people into the house. So I stepped in front of them and requested
to see their identification.

The teacher began yelling at me about how I should know who the head of
the Order was and that my request was insulting. I felt about two inches
high and was very embarrassed. However, Father Paul stepped between the
teacher and me and began telling the teacher how the teacher was
undermining the rules set up for the protection of all. I must say that
Father really laid into the teacher and again I was embarassed.

Then they started to go inside. I don't know what got into me but I
stepped in front of them and again asked for their identification. They
both started laughing and Father Paul said - Good for you. Don't let
anyone in this door without showing their ID and don't let them side track
you like we just tried to do. They both showed me their ID and stepped
inside, still laughing.

I have to say that Father made me feel very proud of myself. In every
situation that I ever encountered with Father Paul, he always made me feel
good about myself and encouraged me to be even more than I ever thought I
could be. Although I saw him yell at others, he was always kind to me and
to the other brothers and sisters. He always stood up for us.

Rev. Mary Rodgers

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