Father's Class 1969-70

Above all, Father Paul was coming from Love. When I was there he'd be teaching
the classes several times a week. We gathered in the dining area of 20
Steiner, the coffee pot constantly simmering in the corner, and the
first thing you notice is the class is made up of every level of
awareness from priests through all levels of students and also people
from the streets, a challenging class for a normal human teacher.

So when he begins teaching the class an outsider sees this "forceful"
person in terms of "forcing it," like he is pushing himself beyond all
physical limits to reach you, like he's saying, "what do I have to do
to make you brothers and sisters understand the reality of this?"

But as the student grows into the Realization, more and more all you
see is the Love. Not the kind of Love that you can rest in or
contemplate, but Love constantly in motion, constantly creating, and
it's hard to put your finger on it. One minute it's acting in your
heart, the next second in your mind, your belly, suddenly to some
place you can't even identify, then, zip, back to the belly, and so
on, and you as a student are absorbing this as the great teachings and
suddenly, without warning you are called (on the inner planes) to
participate and you do that, you let that happen, moving along with
his Spirit. So you begin to experience, not so much the "forcefulness"
but the incredible grace and flow of a mastery totally motivated by
Love and born from unqualified, joyful obedience to the Master, like
the perfection of a child, but always moving forward to new awareness
and creativity.

Br. Charles Rudolph

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