Father's Hobbit

For a time at 20 Steiner I served as Librarian, no, they called it
"Education Director." So they had this little room in the basement
which I think was a renovated coal bin, and shelves with the many
books provided by the brothers and sisters who were coming in and
taking their first vows. Of course there were a lot of hippies coming
in who could see the "writing on the wall" as to where that life was
headed, so we had several copies of the "Lord of the Rings" books that
were so popular in those days, the first volume of which was titled,
"The Hobbit" as I recall.

So Father Paul (We sometomes called him "Father Blighton" in those
days--he and mother were living right there in the house with us)
would stop by from time to time to discuss the progress of the
students and the book reports, or whatever. I remember one time he
lighted on a volume that was a translation of the Holy Koran (as we
spelled it then) and he took it out and recommended it to me, said yes
it's a very good book.

So this one time he comes in without saying a word and is searching through the books with great agitation. He's mumbling, "I know I put it here somewhere," and such. I'm thinking, should I ask him if I can help?, you know, like your local librarian,"May I help you Sir?"

Finally he looks right at me with raging intensity. "Do you have my
HOBBIT?" Nope. He returns to the shelves. "WHERE"S MY HOBBIT?" He
turns and walks out of the room into the rest of the house, booming,

For some reason the recollection of this event has always made me
laugh, to this day. And to this day I still don't know if Father ever
found his Hobbit.

Br. Charles Rudolph

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