He knew me

One day in 1972 I was answering the phone at the St.Petersburg Fla. brotherhouse. The phone rang and I said "Holy Order of MANS" may I help you?" and the person on the other end said"Well hello Brother John How are you?" I said I'm fine who is this?" He said "This is Father Paul" I said "Well hello Father Paul how are you?" He said "I'm fine too I'd like to speak with Rev Beal {John Beal my housefather} I said "hold on a second I'll let him know you are calling." and told Rev.John that Father Paul was on the line for him. This was my only conversation with 'the old man'{I have never met him in the body} my dear Teacher who has watched over me all these years and told me to come back to my roots this past February and I have done so.

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