1) Transformative Experience - Anonymous
"During the first three days as a novice in Father's order, I spent these days in the chapel, wearing a brown robe, and seeking the light......"
2) Guard Duty - Rev. Mary Rodgers
"Being in San Francisco for priest training all of us had to share in
the responsibilities of protecting the houses......"
3) bugs or no bugs? - David Hamilton
Once I was standing in Fr. Paul's office and a sister came to the open door with a mason jar in her hand.
4) Father's Class 1969-70 - Br. Charles Rudolph
"Above all, Father Paul was coming from Love. When I was there he'd be teaching the classes several times a week......."
5) Father's "Hobbit - Br. Charles Rudolph
"For a time at 20 Steiner I served as Librarian, no, they called it
'Education Director.'..........."
6) He knew me - John Walsh
One day in 1972 I was answering the phone at the St.Petersburg Fla. brotherhouse.
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